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Residential, Luxury and Commercial Real Estate

IEI Real Estate Agency: Real estate agents in Los Angeles for Buying and Selling Residential, Luxury and Commercial Property.

IEI Real Estate Agency offers clients with experienced California real estate agents, mortgage specialists, and network of unlisted homes and commercial properties in Los Angeles for buying and selling.  You’ve dedicated a lot of time and money into your home or property and want to receive the most value, IEI gets that. Don’t leave your biggest investment in the hands of a ‘hands-off’ Real Estate Agency that will treat you like another number. Buy and sell up to three times faster than the competition with our large range of traditional and none traditional mortgage programs, network of pre-approved buyers that rely on the concierge service IEI provides.

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Mortgage Loan Programs in California

IEI prides itself in treating our clients like people and not just another number. IEI specializes in providing a full service experience in both real estate and mortgages in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County and all of southern California. IEI has helped clients with unique financial situations that require special attention that traditional banks just can’t provide. IEI’s prime goal is to establish a long-lasting relationships with each of our clients so that we may continue offering effective mortgage services for years to come in Los Angeles County and the surrounding counties in southern California.

  • Jumbo Home Loans
  • Reverse Mortgage Loans
  • Home Purchase Finance
  • Home Refinance Lending
  • Alternative Financing
  • Cash Out Home Lending
  • FHA Loans/ VA Lending
  • Hard Money Finance
  • DSCR Loans
  • Second ( 2nd ) Mortgage Lending
  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Bank Statement Home Finance
  • Commercial Loans
  • Home Improvement
  • Rehab/Construction & Investments

How is IEI Different than your cookie-cutter bus bench agency?

We have a Full Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency in House.

IEI has an in-house marketing department that works with various platforms to target, promote and market our listings to the desired or intended buyer. We are digitally oriented and implement techniques such as prints, designs and video shoots of upcoming properties. We take areal drone shots to create amazingly breathtaking virtual tours and much more to create an immaculate presence of your property and to maximize exposure of your in your market.

Unlisted Properties Available: We have listings that are not on the market.

So you want to buy a property that has not yet hit the market?  At IEI we have dozens of listings that are both residential and commercial that do not hit the market due to our network of sellers and pre-qualified buyers. We provide financing and pre-qualifications in house and 70% of our listings don’t hit traditional listing sites because of our proactive roster of qualified clients that rely on IEI to find the perfect buyer and seller both efficiently and discreetly. 


We Text, We Face Time, We Communicate: IEI Stays Connected Until Our Mission is Complete.


Luxury Listings

If you are looking to buy or sell a luxury listing in Los Angeles, IEI maintains a roster of properties that often never hit the market. We have full roster of buyers and sellers of luxury listings that prefer to keep it discreet. IEI streamlines the process so our clients can rest easy through the process. 


Stay ahead of the game in a business that relies on communication, negotiation and finance. Let us help you in building a strategic approach to buying in selling.

Sell a Property

Receive top dollar for your property and let us connect you with the intended buyers to streamline the sale of your property.


At IEI our mortgage specialists will guide you towards the right purchase mortgage loan or refinance loan that best fits your credit rating, criteria and will maximize your savings through the term of your loan.


Let’s be ‘REAL’ for a minute, there are hundreds of real estate and Mortgage Companies in Los Angeles that you can choose from. Everyone seems to be a real estate agent in LA. There are real estate agents in your family, your friends are realtors and you see others on TV, bus benches, billboards and even on your Instagram or Facebook feed. When you are ready to buy or sell a property, who do you go with? Maybe the real estate Agency with the fanciest business card or largest office? Or perhaps you’ll choose the company with the catchiest jingle or cheesy-staged novelty commercial holding a giant SOLD sign on a lawn? IEI fancies itself in being the mortgage bank and the agency! We are transparent and honest with our clients because when it comes to your home or properties we don’t believe in the practice of “smoke and mirrors” and believe in engaging in conversation about your short and long term realistic goals.


The wrong real estate agent or Mortgage Company could make your experience turbulent because of the lack of experience, knowledge, negotiation skills, or communication ability. As a buyer, you could have an offer accepted on a home but could get bogged down due to extraneous or ridiculous conditions that the seller might have presented in your contract and your agent didn’t catch it before going into the deal. IEI is known for their proactive approach in pushing deals through by asking all the right questions. We do the all the leg work so you have one less thing to worry about.

Our Team

Alen Kadimyan

President/Broker/Mortgage Broker/Realtor

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Millenial Real Estate Company in Los Angeles

We are a leading millennial and traditional Real Estate agency with millennial realtors in our team focusing in Los Angeles and the great Los Angeles area, Orange County, Riverside County and that have leverage modern communication means for both the modern and traditional paced life. What Millennials Really Want From a Realtor by The Close Magazine? An inside look on what millennials look for when working with real estate agents.

Voted Top 10 Real Estate Producers in the USA

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Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Realtor or Real Estate Agent

Top 10 Questions To Ask a Realtor


10 Loan Questions to Ask Your Broker
Full In-house Mortgage Brokerage
We know many details can get lost in translation when it comes to buying a property, selling a property, getting pre-qualified and dealing with contingencies. We have managed to bring all of that in-house and under one roof.

IEI is proactive, we leave no stone unturned

IEI engages with buyers and sellers while clearly communicating on our client’s behalf with one goal, to close deals. We are your concierge agency that provides exceptional transaction coordination, negotiation, communication, financing, solutions, marketing platforms and transaction processing.

Mortgage Pre-Qualification85%
Real Estate Specialists & Negotiation 90%
Network of Buyers and Sellers85%
High Impact Closing of Deals95%
Commercial Property Roster75%


At iei, we are not about commission first and we are not about profit first. we are driven by personal relationships that promote loyalty, trust and longevity.

Here is who we are and what we stand for. We have been in the industry for over 15 years while dozens of ‘bandwagon companies’ and real estate agents occasionally arrived and left with peak markets. The IEI group was present and supporting hundreds of clients in the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County and Riverside County. We stayed loyal to our clients when no other realtors or mortgage lenders would work with them to help sell their homes or finance because there was not enough commission in it or the home would take too long to sell.

 We are communicators and negotiators. 

A modern and Responsive Boutique Real Estate Agency that drives results.

  • Real Estate Buying and Selling Strategy
  • Mortgage and Refinancing
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Luxury Properties and Unlisted Properties

IEI Realty Testimonials

Video Testimonials Available Soon
  • We are a newly-wed couple that needed to find a home in our price range in the Valley. We came across IEI Realty on social media. They are hip, involved and connected to their clients. The reason we worked with them is because they broke down all barriers and just talked to us and made sure we didn’t over-extend ourselves. Their CEO Alen is the most charismatic person we have ever met! Talk to him and see for yourself. They not only made the process fun and engaging, I was getting updated on the process daily. Their agents ensured to keep us looped in via text, email and made us feel fully connected without having to “schedule meetings” for things that can be communicated remotely. The process was very efficient and didn’t add to the stress of looking for a place and having to compete with others in a sellers’ market. They handled both the mortgage and realty combined into one easy process at a single agency so it was truly a 100% streamlined process. Thanks IEI Realty & Mortgages for accepting us as part of the IEI family!

    Ralph J.
    First Home Buyer
  • It is so refreshing to have to deal with a mortgage finance lender that doesn’t complicate your life. They are truly truly amazing at what they do. Customer service is at the fore-front, they always answer the phone and they engage you regularly. Nothing left to mystery. I was able to refinance in a reasonable amount of time without the hassle of guessing where I was at in the process.