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As other real estate mortgage agencies in Los Angeles  shift their focus to more budgets online, more banner ads, more bus benches ads, print material like calendars and refrigerator magnets, IEI Realty and Mortgage Company in Los Angeles  is dedicated in keeping the public informed with education on home buying strategies, and mortgage practices in the industry. We are out there on the front lines informing people, educating other’s on the benefits and dangers of real estate and realty agency practices for Real Estate in Los Angeles and in the US.  We prefer to spend our resources answering questions, helping the people have an upper advantage when buying, selling or refinancing a home. 

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IEI Realty and Mortgage Featured in MortgageLoan.ComThe CEO of IEI realty featured in the latest article about Subprime loans and their new branding in 2018 markets.
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Should you hire a real estate marketing agency?Finding the right real estate marketing agency is often compared to finding the perfect date
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We are a leading millennial realtor agency with millennial realtors in Los Angeles that have leverage modern communications means for a modern paced life. What Millennials Really Want From a Realtor by The Close Magazine. An inside look on what millennials look for when working with real estate agents. 

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  • We are a newly-wed couple that needed to find a home in our price range in the Valley. We came across IEI Realty on social media, they are hip, involved and connected to their clients. The reason we worked with them is because they broke down all barriers and just talked to us and made sure we didn’t over-extend ourselves. Their CEO Alen is the most charismatic person we have ever met! Talk to him and see for yourself. They not only made the process fun and engaging, I was getting updated on the process daily. Their agents ensured us to always keep us looped in via text, email and made us feel fully connected without having to “schedule meetings” for things that can be communicated remotely. The process was very efficient, it didn’t add to the stress of looking for a place and having to compete with others in a sellers market. They handled both the mortgage and realty combined into one, so it was a fully streamlined process.

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    First Home Buyer
  • It is so refreshing to have to deal with a mortgage finance lender that doesn’t complicate your life. They are truly truly amazing at what they do. Customer service is at the fore-front, they always answer the phone and they engage you regularly. Nothing left to mystery. I was able to refinance in a reasonable amount of time without the hassle of guessing where I was at in the process.


IEI Realty Featured in "A Comprehensive Guide to Second Mortgages"

Hiya News Publications on how Second mortgages have become commonplace but few consumers know what they are and what they do. Our guide uses in-depth research and interviews with experts to bring you clarity and understanding.

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