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How to Refinance my Home Loan?

A common question we get asked is, "How to Refinance my Home Loan?"

Refinancing your home loan and a step by step guide

So do you feel prepared to tackle the mortgage refinance process? Here is a quick guide on what to expect.

  • Determine your home loan goals. Make it a goal to benefit from the refinance such as consolidating debt,using the cash to improve your home by adding value to it, using the savings to improve your financial health or using the cash out to purchase more real estate.
  • Find out your existing credit score. If you know what your credit score is you will have a good idea if you qualify for the lowest rates and loan programs.
  • Find out your home’s existing value. Check your neighborhood comparable values with a site like Zillow or for an exact idea contact one of IEI Realty and Mortgages experts for a free home valuation.
  • Shop for your best mortgage interest rate. Start by comparing mortgage refinance rates online. You can shop rates online all you want but contact one of IEI Realty & Mortgages loan experts to offer you guaranteed savings. It is wise to know what rates are available before giving permission for your credit report to be checked and we guarantee that at IEI Realty & Mortgages prior to drawing credit. We even match pricing to competitors if you have the offer letter of intent from the competitor.
  • Know your closing costs. A home loan refinance incurs closing costs so make sure that your broker or lender will clearly give you an idea on what the final estimated closing costs will look like.
  • Gather pre-qualification pre submission package documents. Make sure you have your bank statements, pay stubs and any additional documents requiring your attention and participation that was requested by one of our mortgage experts at IEI Realty & Mortgages.
  • Lock your mortgage rate. Once you have a rate that sounds good make sure you request our mortgage loan expert at IEI Realty & Mortgages handling your loan to lock your rate because the market can change within a day or even a 12 hour time span.
  • Find a loan officer that communicates. Make sure you are dealing with a loan officer that is honest, transparent and not pushy. They should keep you in the loop at every step of the way. Make sure that you are not rushed and have all your questions answered. To ensure you are in exceptional hands and dealt with concierge service contact our mortgages experts at IEI Realty & Mortgages for your smooth and effortless experience.
  • Once the loan is submitted. Ask your mortgage loan brokerage or lender if they use electronic document disclosure and digital signing tools or methods. Contact one of our mortgage experts at IEI Realty & Mortgages to offer you a concierge digitalized service to process your transaction with a smooth flow and offer an effortless experience.
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